Comfort or Speed?

One of my favourite albums is the 1981 solo effort by Jim Steinman, ‘Bad for Good’. For those who aren’t aware of Jim, he was the mastermind behind the Meatloaf classic, ‘Bat out of Hell’ – which brings to mind a Karaoke session during my honeymoon in Antigua, where my wife Melanie and I performed the full 8 minutes plus, of ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’, but thats another story!

The title track of ‘Bad for Good’ contains a line which is often found floating around the dark recesses of my brain, ‘I wasn’t built for comfort, I was built for speed’, but for me, its very much the other way round!

I’ve never been much of a thrill seeker; I’m not into fast cars, I’ve no desire to own a Harley, roller coasters are a no-no, and in a water park, you will always find me on the lazy river (as demonstrated by a recent visit to ‘Wild Wadi’ in Dubai).

However, as we are living in Dubai, we have seen there is much to do for the adrenaline junkie, from a variety of water sports including para-sailing, sky boarding (?) and shark diving, to land based activities such bungee jumping and dune bashing. Perhaps the ultimate thrill is to be found just a few minutes from our apartment, where ‘SkyDubai’ are based. Here you can experience the ‘thrill’ of a parachute jump, in tandem with a guide, as you float down over the wonder that is the Palm Jumeriah.

But none of these are for me. However, today, whilst on holiday at our Italian home in Gabiano, we took a tour of the local Castello (castle), which included the ancient wine cellar, and a delightful wine tasting experience.



We sampled six very lovely wines, from a white, which was a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, to a rose, and four types of reds, all of which tasted rather good to my uneducated palate; “pour away any that you don’t want to drink” said the nice Italian guide; I didn’t see much being poured!

This is ‘comfort’ as far as I’m concerned; a relaxing couple of hours, taking in some culture and wonderful wines – give me this over a parachute jump, or Ferrari ride any day! Our time here in Gabiano is very much about relaxing, and absorbing the local culture, which essentially means food and wine – no complaints from me.

So, to misquote Jim Steinman, I was built for comfort, and not for speed, and I am glad to be so.

Enjoy what’s left of Summer!

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