Early morning @ JLT – a photoblog


Ever eager to practice my novice photography skills, I took advantage of the cooler mornings here in Dubai, and was up early today to cross the main highway of Sheikh Zayed Road, and explore our neighbouring district of JLT – Jumeriah Lakes Towers.

In similar style to our area of Dubai Marina, JLT is an extensive collection of some 80 high rise towers, built around 3 artificial lakes. It offers a pleasant environment in which to live, and the lakes themselves contain excellent walking and running tracks around the borders. The areas surrounding the lakes are filled with numerous small shops, cafes, and restaurants, so residents do not have to travel far for their day to day needs.

I walked the circumference of one of the lakes, stopping regularly to take some shots, and trying various different settings – I’m really enjoying getting to know my camera, and the multitude of possibilities it offers for taking photos.

These are some of my favourites from the walk:


The view from JLT across to the eastern side of Dubai Marina


This is is why it’s called Jumeriah Lakes Towers!


Testing out the ‘Fish-Eye’ ….


… and ‘Grainy B/W’


Smoothing the water with an ND filter, and long exposure


Directory of JLT, showing the 3 lakes (which used to be 4!)


Building a new tower




Playing with depth of field


A possible future dinner venue? Oui oui


More lake and towers to finish with!

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