2016 – Never dull, part 1

As a new blogger (well 4 months already!) around New Year, it seems appropriate to look back over the year thats fading away, and as with pretty much all of my years, I’m lucky enough to say it’s not been a dull one.

These are some of my highlights:

1) The New Year started on the balcony of my apartment in Dubai, watching the amazing fireworks over the Burj Al Arab, and taking a selfie in my tux – Mel was away in Oz, but hey, I still like to do things in style!

2) January – we had a fab weekend break at one of our favourite hotels, the Kempinski, in Ajman. I also took the plunge and started driving in Dubai; now this may not seem a big deal, but if you had seen me drive a few years earlier in Saudi Arabia, you would understand!

3) February – we had a wonderful visit from my son Jamie, and his fiancé Rachel, and moved into our new apartment right by the Marina.

4) April – time for a trip; we had a great week at our new house in Gabiano in Italy. The visit was made all the more special as we were joined by Jamie, Rachel and Alex, and we drank rather a lot of excellent local wine, and Jamie learnt how to order a coffee in Italian! The lads also took in a trip to the San Siro.

5) June – another trip, this time for work, but to the gorgeous city of Geneva, in Switzerland. I used to be a regular visitor back in the 80s and 90s, so it was great to have the chance to go back.


To be continued ….

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