Dubai’s Global Village


Global Village has been on our ‘to do’ list for some time, and this weekend we finally made it.

Located to the east of the city, and right next to the newly opened IMG World Of Adventures, Global Village is a ‘Cultural Extravaganza’, a mix of theme park blended with numerous stalls, shops, eateries and cultural entertainment.

The site is built around a range of pavilions that host displays and exhibits from some 70 countries from around the globe. Within each pavilion, the visitor can find unique items from the designated country or region, and if timed correctly, enjoy locally themed entertainment such as traditional singing and dancing. As there are pavilions dedicated to just about every corner of the planet, a visit to Global Village offers the chance to travel around the world in a couple of hours!

Alongside the giant pavilions are a number of fair ground rides, centred on a brightly lit big wheel, which dominates the local landscape. Gondola rides are also available on the village’s purpose built canal.

For many visitors though, the key purpose of a visit appeared to be shopping, as each pavilion features numerous stalls selling wide ranges of trinkets from jewellery, clothing and linens to toys and games. Supermarket trolleys were common sights, packed to the brim with goodies from around the world.

A visit to Global Village makes for an interesting evening out, but be prepared to do some walking, it’s not easy to trek all the way round the world!

Some shots from around the globe:



Global Village is open daily between 4pm until midnight (1am Thursday and Friday), until 8th April. More information can be found at:

Visit Dubai



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