Where’s that damn suit?

In a previous post about my love for guitars, I mention that due to the expat lifestyle that we have, my collection is spread throughout the world, from Australia, to Dubai, Cyprus and UK. But it’s not just guitars that I suffer this problem with, clothes too are strewn across the globe, and whilst this is not a major every day problem, it has recently caused quite a puzzle.

But before getting into the mystery at hand, I have to say that there can be a positive effect to having possessions all over the place – when accessing a wardrobe or suitcase that I haven’t seen for some months there are usually some pleasant surprises to be had, finding items that I had completely forgotten about (and then hoping they still fit!).

But to return to the mystery; Mel and I got married back in October 2011 in the UK, on a gorgeous October afternoon, and even if I say so myself, we both looked and felt rather special.


I did my wedding shopping in London, and my suit and shoes came from Charles Tyrwhitt on Jermyn Street, which if you are familiar with London, you may know houses many fine mens tailors; I was really happy with my selections.


But that was then – now, more than five years later, I have no idea where that suit is! In the intervening years, I have spent time in a number of countries, and have wracked my brains out, trying to figure out what could have happened to it (strangely, I do still have the shoes).  We have checked every possible location, and although it defies logic, the suit is nowhere to be found. I have other suits that have followed me around, but this particular one has disappeared, which is very disappointing not least because of its sentimental value.


So, the lesson to be learned for us as expats is to be aware of our possessions, and more importantly, where they are. If like us, you move around quite frequently, it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

For several years I had a ‘lock up’ in the UK where I kept a number of items, but as the rent for the unit increased considerably year after year, and I realised that many of the items that were being stored were not really of use any longer, I decided that I would terminate the rental. I then had to have a major clear out, and what was left thankfully found its way into the loft area of my son’s house.

No doubt in the future, other things will be mislaid, and then in the fulness of time, suddenly appear, usually when you least expect it – but for now the mystery of the missing suit goes on, so if you have any idea where it might be, please feel free to let me know 🙂

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