Stars ‘n’ Stripes ‘n’ Mountains

I’ve mentioned previously that I feel very privileged to travel as much as I do, and through my work, get to visit places that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. This past week involved one such visit, as I got to spend time in Salt Lake City, Utah; a gorgeous place, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, that makes every excursion outside, whether walking or driving, a pure pleasure. Added to that, for novice photographers like myself, there are endless opportunities to get the camera out, and try to capture some of the natural wonders of the area.


I was there for a week with my colleague John, and whilst the work was pretty intensive, we did manage a few hours away from our keyboards at the weekend, and took the opportunity to drive up into the Mountains, and it’s from that excursion that most of the pictures here are taken. We were really lucky with the weather, as although it had rained the day before, the weekend was bright and sunny, perfect conditions.

We stayed at a hotel in the small town of Murray, which was a short drive (in our rented Mustang convertible!) to where we had to work – it was also barely 30 minutes away from driving up into the mountains, and upon advice from our host, we had decided to head to the resort of Brighton, in the Wasatch Cache National Forest, more than 8,500 feet above sea level.

Once into the mountains, the scenery invited us to stop frequently, as around each bend the views changed, becoming increasingly more jaw dropping as we climbed towards Brighton.



Mustang John!


Eventually however, after several stops we made it to Brighton, a Brighton that was so very different to the one that I’m more familiar with, back home in UK (featured on expatsteveblog here).




Walking towards the visitor centre, we passed a giant snowplough – in my head, I heard a variation on that famous line from Crocodile Dundee – ‘That’s not a snowplough, THAT’s a snowplough!”

Pic9The area we were in was called Silver Lake, and spending time in the Visitor Centre gave us some great local information.




The map showed some challenging hiking trails, climbing from the 8,730 feet of the visitor centre, to mountains at more than 10,600 feet. But as we hadn’t really come prepared for a lengthy hike, we decided just to walk around the first lake – Silver Lake itself; this had a great trail that ran around the lake, and made for a fantastic walk.


A famous characteristic of the area is the presence of Moose, and whilst there were sightings on the day we were there, I never managed to see one, which was a little disappointing.

Moose or no moose, the walk was breathtaking, and made for the perfect antidote to a long and busy week at work.


As someone who usually spends most of my day behind a keyboard, regardless of which country I find myself in, it was inspiring to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of this area. It’s all to easy to forget that there are some awesome experiences to be had by just putting down our computers and phones, and simply getting out there!

Thanks for the photo, John!

4 thoughts on “Stars ‘n’ Stripes ‘n’ Mountains

  1. Love the reference to Crocodile Dundee! 😀
    You have really beautiful pictures – and your writing is truly good too! I love how you put it out there simply, without any big words or unnecessary excessive drama. Sometimes I wish I could write and put things out there so clearly and simply so everybody can understand!

  2. Great read with beautiful photos! I’ve only ever run into moose once and it was at night on a road without any lights. I feel like they wander mostly during the night, as the only forest animal I’ve come across during the day is mountain goats.

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