Where did that holiday go?


It’s been 3 weeks since we got back from our wonderful break, so what better time to go through the photos, and relive those precious days, wishing we were back there.

In addition to our trip to Lake Como, we had some other great highlights, culminating with the transition into my next decade. In this post, I’ve included some of my favourite pictures from throughout our latest Italian adventure. Can’t wait to return.


Having passed through Turin airport on a number of occasions, it was great to finally make it into the city on this trip. It’s barely an hours drive from Gabiano, and is a really lovely city. It’s so easy to walk around, full of enticing arcades, intriguing side streets, stunning buildings and grandiose piazzas that call the camera into action.





The highlight of the day was a walk around the grounds of The Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), and the adjacent Piazza Castello, with its wonderful fountains.





Walking, walking, then more walking ….

One of the unintentional, but undeniably enjoyable themes of the holiday was walking; on most days even when we were staying close to home, we were out exploring, discovering new parts of our own and neighbouring towns and villages. We were so lucky with the weather, which apart from the regular mists, was exceptionally kind to us.

Gabiano and Zoalengo

We found new parts of our own small town, Gabiano, and also the next village along, Zoalengo. Hills feature strongly in this part of the world, as do long peaceful country lanes, Churches, and amazing scenery.



Blog3 copy.jpg




We discovered that Gabiano is home to a Tambass team – this is a very popular local sport played throughout Monferatto, it is a team sport where players hit a ball with what looks like a tambourine! We must find out more about it, and hopefully see a game some time.


In Zoalengo, we found this very small, and seemingly abandoned place of worship, I would love to know it’s story.


Verrua Savoia

On our penultimate day, Mel had gone on a shopping expedition, so I took a bit of a mystery tour, and discovered this lovely small town, a short drive away.

The drive however gave me what was probably my favourite photo opportunity of the entire trip – this scene was just wonderful, an isolated house enclosed by surrounding trees; I was so glad I stopped.


On discovering Verrua Savoia, I parked up, then took a walk around the quiet streets – like most places in this area, there was barely a soul to be seen, everything was so quiet, even though it was mid morning – what do they all do??





Birthday Postscript

Is 60 the new 40? I’m not sure just yet, but nonetheless, during our time in Gabiano, I hit this milestone. I had a fantastic 2 days of celebrating, and it was great to be in the company of my family and friends. The highlight was an unexpected ‘street party’, organised by Mrs E, for which the sun shone brightly, as we sang songs, and drank and ate some of the best things that Italy has to offer. Thank you to everyone who helped make the entire event a great success.



Fig tart, made by our neighbour Luciana, and tiramisu, made by our friend, Paola – delicioso!
A wonderful display of photos from the past – now saved to a treasured album!


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