Cyprus Holiday Snaps

After my few days in the UK, I had the opportunity to visit our apartment in Cyprus – a number of things needed doing, and we hadn’t been there since April of last year, so a visit was long overdue.

I spent 10 days there, and in amongst the various DIY tasks, visits to council offices and locksmiths, I managed to get some trips out and about – these are some of my favourite moments:

Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Rock


Located a few miles outside Paphos, close to the main highway to Limassol, this stunning collection of rocks is celebrated in Greek mythology as the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite.

It is a great place to explore, and as with most natural attractions in Cyprus, the area is completely open – visitors are able to enjoy the beach, and swim around these wonderful structures.



Coastal views – Tomb of the Kings Road

Close to our apartment is a very rugged strip of coast line that is always a joy to drive past. During this visit, I stopped several times at various points, and tried to capture the magic and beauty of this part of Paphos.








Kato Paphos Area

Kato Paphos is a region of Paphos centred on the small fishing port – it makes for great walking, and has a number of good sea-front restaurants and cafes, along with typical touristic shopping opportunities. A particular highlight is the Paphos Fort (or Castle), located at the far end of the port. Although the fort has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, there has been a fort structure on the same site since the 1200’s.






Polis, Latchi and The Baths of Aphrodite

On my last full day, I decided to travel well outside of the Paphos area, and take the trip to Polis – it is around 35 kms away, and the drive is some of the most breathtaking that can be experienced. It comprises a long steep climb with amazing costal and inland views, followed by the corresponding descent, as the coastal town of Polis comes closer.

High in the hills overlooking the Paphos area



After a short stay in Polis, I drove on along the coast road, and stopped at the very picturesque town of Latchi, with its harbour full of some gorgeous looking boats.




The final part of the trip was spent at the nearby Baths of Aphrodite – a botanical garden, which features a natural grotto, whose waters were said to be used by the Goddess Aphrodite.

It is a stunning place, with many different walks, although some are not for the faint hearted, as they involve steep climbs and rugged terrain. I stuck to the basic walk, which included the grotto, but avoided some of the more steeper challenges.






As I began the drive home, I encountered this really lovely cottage (or maybe even a guest house, I’m not sure), which I had to get a picture of.


Despite it being a lovely sunny day thus far, the clouds were gathering as I neared the end of my journey – the views over Paphos became much greyer.


So I arrived home in the rain, but had had a really enjoyable day out, and one that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting the Paphos area.


We are really lucky with our apartment in that from the balcony, the most amazing sunsets can be enjoyed (weather permitting!) and during my stay, I was fortunate to experience some stunning views.




So as another trip came to a close, I’ve been able to look back on my ‘holiday snaps’, and enjoy some great memories.

I’ll be back again soon, I hope!

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