My second ‘blogiversary’


Who knew there was a specific word to mark blogging anniversaries? I came across ‘blogiversary’ recently and thought ‘why not?’ So here I am, 2 years on from my original post, and whilst I haven’t been quite as active during this second year, I’ve still very much enjoyed producing my posts, and working on the photos that go with them.

Looking back over the past 12 months, it’s again been a story of small viewing numbers, but from a broad range of countries – I even managed to pick up some views from Russia this time around! It’s great how a small number of views (ok, 2) can make such a big mark on the global map!Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 08.06.44

I’ve also managed to grow my ‘followers’ from 27 this time last year, to 62 now, which has been really pleasing for me – still a long way to go to achieve the thousands that other blogs have, but at this rate, I should get there in about 2270!

The volume of posts had dropped quite a bit, from 40 in the first year, to only 16 in the second – I think this has been mainly to do with me not travelling so much lately – especially in 2018, as the majority of my posts focus on trips and events. It’s all about the inspiration!

Travel nevertheless has provided the majority of the content; trips to UK, Cyprus and Italy have contributed most, plus, predictably, a couple of posts about ‘staycations’ in The UAE, such as ‘A Desert Staycation’ – about our long weekend at the stunning Ritz Carlton resort in the desert of Ras Al Khaimah.

Accommodation of the year! The private pool at our villa at the Ritz Carlton, in Ras Al Khaimah

The most viewed post in the past twelve months was ‘… three months on…’, which above all emphasised that I hadn’t been blogging so much. The other two in my ‘top 3’ were ‘A Lake Como Birthday‘ about the wonderful trip we made to Lake Como to celebrate Mrs E’s big day – and ‘Back Home‘, a recent post about a visit I made to my home town.

Stunning Lake Como, in Italy
Almost as stunning, Tilgate Lake, in my home town of Crawley

Whilst the volume of blogs has reduced, my interest in photography and photo editing has been ever present. I’ve very much enjoyed using my camera, and have also invested in 2 new lenses over the past year, a higher quality zoom lens, and a really cool wide angle one, which is great for the landscape pictures that I love to take.

Back home in Peyia, Cyprus (using the wide angle lens – 11mm focal length, if interested)

At the end of my first year of blogging, I posted about some ideas I had to take Expatsteveblog forward, but thoughts around changing the content haven’t really come to life. So this time for the year to come, my hope is that the focus on travel will continue, and that my travels will make the content interesting enough to inspire readers to want to travel themselves.

I believe people are happiest when they travel, just a quick check on facebook will emphasise this; the biggest smiles, the most fun, these can be seen in those photos taken on a trip, at a beach or by a pool, or with a glass of something special at sunset.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow the blog, I really appreciate the time taken to read and react to the posts, it means the world to me.


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