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Ah, the colours of the sea, the Eastern Mediterranean to be precise, the sea which surrounds the gorgeous island of Cyprus; birthplace of a Goddess, and one time host to Othello, are there any bigger A-listers?

Regular readers will know of our love for Cyprus, I have posted several times about previous trips, including the original ‘Cyprus Holiday Snaps‘, and again last month we had the chance to visit our apartment in Peyia, when temperatures were at their Summer peak, and our complex pool at its most inviting.


It’s quite easy when spending time there to fall into routines – eat in the same restaurants, take trips out to the same places, even watch football matches in the same bars! But this time, we resolved to make some new memories, explore different beaches, alternative restaurants (ok, we still ate twice at our favourite place – Poppadums), and even fit in a trip to the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, which was the subject of my recent blog post, Peace & Love & Division. In this post however, I want to share some of the highlights of these new experiences, each one reaffirming our love affair with this amazing place.

Rikkos Beach

Located at the far eastern shoreline of Paphos, Rikkos Beach proved a new gem – we discovered it pretty much by accident, having decided to just drive along the beach road, away from the popular tourist areas of the town. We were immediately struck by the lack of tourists, with the bulk of the sunbeds and beach towels being occupied by local Cypriots – always a good sign in my book! Beaches here are not of the ‘pristine’ white sands variety, but that adds to their charm and appeal.





Adjacent to Rikkos Beach, is Luna Park – a name which would prick the ears of any Melbournian, including my very own Mrs E, as Luna Park is an ‘iconic amusement park’ (Wikipedia’s description) located in the St Kilda area of Melbourne – in fact, many other cities also have their own Luna Park, so the name has a lot to live up to. Sadly, from what we could see, the Paphos version was more like a travelling fun fair than an iconic amusement park, definitely not somewhere we would be too keen on visiting. Nonetheless, it does have a big wheel!


Sea Caves and the wreck of Edro III

Sea Caves is an area of Paphos that I had heard mentioned numerous times, but for some reason, had never managed to visit, but we put that right this time.

Formed over centuries, Sea Caves is an incredible stretch of coastline featuring (surprise surprise), caves, eroded stones and rock formations that are constantly battered by the Mediterranean waves, and anything else that Mother Nature can throw at them.









In addition to these amazing views, Sea Caves boasts one of the most popular restaurants in the area, Oniro by the sea – which formed part of our quest to discover new dining pleasures.

Excellent burgers and beer, ideal accompaniments for a relaxing evening, surrounded by the sounds of the sea.

As if it needed more, Sea Caves has another jewel in it’s crown – the shipwrecked freighter, Edro III.


On the night of 8th October, 2011 – Edro III set off from the Cypriot port of Limassol, bound for the Greek island of Rhodes, but ran aground after a battle with heavy seas, here at Sea Caves. All the crew and cargo were rescued, but it took a further 2 years to stabilise the ship and it appears its going to be here for the foreseeable future. It now remains as a reminder of the challenges faced by the crews who work on these gigantic beasts.





More from Nicosia

Our visit to Nicosia is covered in my previous post, but I wanted to share a few more photos taken during our stay.

Nicosia has been continuously inhabited for more than 4500 years, so there is an amazing history that runs through it’s veins, far beyond the events of 1974. On future visits, I hope we can explore a wider area than simply the main artery of Ledra Street, and the areas immediately around it. However, on this occasion, the heat of summer limited our capacity for wandering.



The Regina Cinema, apparently long since abandoned, but such an amazing facade



Ingenious shade!

As always, its difficult to leave Cyprus, we never quite know when we’ll be back, but hopefully it won’t be too long. With our lifestyle its not easy to consider one place as ‘home’, but for me, our Peyia apartment is about as close as it gets!

To say goodbye to Cyprus for now, a pair of sunsets from the trip.



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