January: So Far, So Good

Heading back to work on 6th January, after a break of some 16 days was pretty tough; I have to say I had a really good Christmas and New Year, one of the best in fact, spent in both Dubai and UK. But time marches on and we have to go with it, so 2 weeks into 2019, whilst it’s early days, so far, so good.

The biggest event for us this year has been the move into a new location in Dubai – from our 36th floor apartment overlooking the beach, to a small villa, located in much more rural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristic areas of the city – a very different vibe, and one which we are really enjoying.

We are surrounded by all sorts of flora and fauna, and lakes, lots of lakes! Of course this is Dubai, so they’re all man made, but the men and women who designed and developed the area did a pretty fine job! It’s great to be able to walk around and explore, especially in the idyllic January temperatures, which are typically in the mid 20’s.

As well as the change in location, we’ve gone from furnished to unfurnished – so trips to Ikea, and other assorted homeware stores have featured strongly, but things are coming together. It certainly feels much more like home when surrounded by your own ‘stuff’, rather than those of some faceless landlord (often with bad taste!).

Another major change is that we now have a garden – not big by any means, but having been confined to a small balcony over the past couple of years, to have this outdoor space is a real treat, and one that I’m sure we will make use of a great deal over the coming months.

Note to self – go back and take this shot later in the day!

But in the midst of all this moving, I do have to work, so I’ve been back and forth to Kuwait to squeeze in a few days in the office. It’s surprising how much cooler it is in Kuwait, given that it’s really not that far from Dubai – day time temperatures here are more like low to mid teens, so its definitely sweater and jacket weather.

However, all the time I’m in Kuwait, I’m thinking about how things are going at home. There are deliveries still to happen, and by the time I’m next back, we’ll have guest beds, a nice comfy armchair to go with our couch, and even a new TV stand; such luxury!

If you read my last post in which I talked a bit about the downs, as well as ups of last year, then you can perhaps understand that we are hopeful for a more positive 2019, and certainly so far, that is the case; let’s hope it continues.

The wonderful lakeside sunsets at our new location

7 thoughts on “January: So Far, So Good

    1. Yes, I hear you – being British, I grew up with those kind of winters, and I can’t say I miss them! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments Riya, yes it was indeed tiring, but it’s worth it once it starts to feel like home! Hope you are enjoying your new home also!

      1. Yes…I am glad to stay at my new place. You are right, It really feels good, better and best when you actually start getting all sorts of new vibes and you experience a changed environment.

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