The wacky world of Instagram

Like many bloggers, I am also an ‘instagrammer’ – I joined back in August 2016, and since then have posted 381 times; primarily photos of landscapes and buildings. I typically post once or twice a week, and these days my photos attract an average of about 25 – 30 ‘likes’, so they don’t exactly go viral.

The number of likes have grown very steadily since the early days – initially i was getting single digits, but slowly it has increased. Likewise, the number of followers has grown, and until very recently it averaged around 155 – sometimes going up a few, then back down.

But on Saturday 30th March, something a little strange happened – I posted a new picture taken during my recent New York trip, and in a short time, my followers had grown from about 155 to 203 – and the number of likes that that picture received has been 63, more than double my average, whilst my previous high had been 47. Now I know these are still not big numbers by any means, but it has made me curious as to why this particular picture has generated a far better than normal response.

The picture:

It was taken with my iPhone X, in New York’s Penn Station, where I was on my way to meet my cousin. I’m always looking around for interesting shots, and I thought this view was really compelling, I loved that the flags added a touch of drama to the busy walkway, and how the tunnel seems to go on forever.

However, I have posted 2 pictures since this one, hoping to capitalise on my new found followers, but the number of likes have returned to my pre-Penn Station average, at 21 and 32. Today, the number of followers has also dropped, from the peak of 203, back to 183, so still quite a bit above where it was on Friday 29th, but it will be interesting to see whether it drops further in the coming days.

My previously most liked photo – This nighttime shot of The Kuwait Towers received 47 likes

So, what was it about the Penn Station picture that caused a ‘spike’ in my followers and likes – was it the hashtags, the subject, or just ‘one of those things’? I guess I’ll never really know – oh, the joys of social media!

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