A New York day out | Part 1

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the 9/11 Museum all in one day, it promised to be a day of wonder, history and high emotion; but it started off really cold, as we left our hotel and walked a couple of blocks for an early egg mcmuffin at the golden arches, before hailing a cab to Pier A, Battery Park, where we were to meet our guide.

The sky was clear, and the early Spring sun shone brightly, but for some strange reason, Robert our guide, picked the one spot around Pier A that was in shade, to brief our group – we all listened intently and anticipated an exciting day ahead, as our teeth chattered with the cold!

Pier A at Battery Park

Battery Park is located at the southern tip of Manhattan, and is from where commuters and tourists alike can take ferries across the Hudson River to points in nearby New Jersey, in addition to the touristic hot spots of Ellis Island, and Liberty Island, which is where we were heading.

Battery Park itself is a great place to explore, and though we didn’t have too much time before we had to make our way to the ferry, a short walk revealed that the park is home to some very poignant memorials.

Korean War Memorial
The American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial

It was also from Battery Park that we got our first look at the building that was to tear at our heart strings later in the day, The World Trade Centre; or One, World Trade Centre, to use it’s correct name.

But for now, it was time to pass through the nearby ferry terminal, with it’s airport style security, and board the ferry bound for Liberty Island, home to the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Liberty Island

It was on this 10 minute crossing to Liberty Island that I took one of my favourite shots of the entire trip, from the rear of the ferry, looking back at Manhattan.

Soon we were on Liberty Island, getting our first clear views of the great lady herself.

Our tour included access to the top of the pedestal building, so once inside, our guide gave us a great explanation of the history of this famous landmark, including it’s links with the Eiffel Tower, before we embarked on the 215 step climb. Fortunately there is a natural stop about half way, but it was still quite a challenge!

Once at the top, there is the opportunity to walk around the outside of the pedestal, and enjoy the stunning views across to Manhattan and other local areas.

Great views back to Manhattan
The Verezano Bridge – the starting point of the NY Marathon
The Liberty Island ferry terminal

It was certainly much easier to descend the 215 steps, and once back on terra firma, we were able to get some more great shots of the statue. Our guide even acted as the photographer, taking shots of everyone in the group from a unique vantage point, lying on the ground!

Then all too soon it was time to get back to the ferry, and for the the short trip to Ellis Island, and part 2 šŸ™‚

Saying our farewells to Lady Liberty


Our tour was booked through viator.com – details here

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