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For my final New York blog post (4 blogs from 4 days, not bad eh?), I wanted to share a few photos that didn’t quite fit into the themes of the other posts, but which I like nonetheless, so join me on a trip around the city!

We start down near the World Trade Centre, and despite being surrounded by some incredible architecture, I was captivated by this clock, located on Church Street.

New York Time!

Next up is Gimbels Bridge, on 32nd Street. This amazing bridge, built in 1925, was originally constructed to link 2 buildings owned by Gimbel’s Department Stores, great rivals to nearby Macys. The bridge itself is 3 stories tall, with an art-deco design featuring copper cladding, which has turned this fantastic shade of green over the passing years.

What’s also great about it is that it would be easy to miss if you were staring at your phone, so remember, ‘LOOK UP’ – you never know what you might be missing!

Gimbel’s Bridge, 32nd Street

For a change of scenery, let’s go up town a bit, to Central Park for these next two shots. This world famous park spans 843 acres of Manhattan, and offers a great escape from the busy streets and towering skyscrapers that surround the nearby areas.

We had ventured into the park specifically to visit the area known as Strawberry Fields, created in honour of John Lennon. John was tragically murdered outside of his apartment block, The Dakota Building, located just across from Strawberry Fields on New York’s Upper West Side.

A moody shot of Central Park, perhaps more suited to halloween!
The Dakota Building

Now to 42nd Street, for one of my favourite shots, looking up towards Madame Tussauds, with it’s golden hand. At first I thought that the bus was in the way, but afterwards, I think it adds to the shot. There is so much going on, which of course typifies New York

Now we go down 6th Avenue towards the Empire State Building, and whilst the Empire State is the star of the shot, I was also intrigued by the impact of the netting over the building in the foreground, it gives the picture a spooky look I think.

To finish, this iconic scene from Times Square. The ‘tkts’ booth sells last minute tickets to New York’s collection of theatre productions, typically at discounted rates, so is a very popular location for those looking for a Broadway bargain.

So that’s about it from New York, my short stay proved incredibly inspirational, and I hope it’s not too long before I get the chance to return again – cheers New York, until the next time!

2 thoughts on “New York | Favourite Shots

  1. Awesome photos Steve, also I learnt so much from the fascinating information you provided… that bridge between two buildings is definitely my favorite though, just so very cool 😎

    1. Thanks so much Karen, yes Gimbel’s bridge was quite something, and I have your detour to thank for that as I saw it when I was walking from Penn Station to the PATH station where you came in. If you had come into Penn, I wouldn’t have seen it 🙂

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