Birthday Memories, courtesy of Facebook

Today is the ‘dreaded’ day; another year, another period of reflection and anticipation.

I was just looking through Facebook, at the ‘memories’ section, where I could see posts from previous birthdays, and firstly, it’s hard to believe that it’s 2 years since I celebrated my 60th with a wonderful party in Gabiano, Italy. I know it’s a cliché but where does the time go?

Looking through my birthday Facebook posts over the past 10 years, I can at least say that no two birthdays have been the same (with the exception of this year and last year, but more of that later!). These are some highlights.

2009 – I was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, working all through the night as the airline I was working with, (Sama Airlines) was ‘cutting over’ to a new reservation system, an exercise which typically involves lots of planning and testing before unleashing the new system onto the booking public. We had a great team, and the cut over was a big success, a rather unique birthday, thats for sure.

Our first Sama aircraft, on the ground at Riyadh

2011 – Earlier in the month, Mel and I had got married, and had just returned from our honeymoon in Antigua. On my birthday, we then flew from London to Amsterdam, where I was working – for Mel, this was her first time visiting my rented apartment there, so in addition to getting married, she had to start a new life in a new home, in a new country – big changes!

Laughing in a rainy Amsterdam, not quite on my birthday, but a few weeks before

2012 – A very strange day. I was meant to take an early morning flight from London City Airport to Berne, in Switzerland, but the flight was cancelled due to heavy fog. I then spent the day at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, looking for a birthday treat for myself, before finally taking an evening flight to Berne, and enjoying a late, solo dinner.

The stunning views surrounding Berne Airport

2013 – This time I was in Washington, attending a conference; I had flown in the day before, and my Facebook post shows that I had severe jetlag as I had woken early, so my birthday was a very long one! The conference was really enjoyable, and included an amazing dinner at the Smithsonian Museum of Aviation.

2014 – One of the best; we were on holiday, again in Antigua, with my cousins Gill, Pete, Michelle and Paul. We spent a relaxing day on the beach and by the pool, before a candlelight dinner – wonderful.

2014’s Birthday Sunset – Antigua

2016 – We were in Dubai, it was a normal work day, but near to where we lived I spotted a certain car, which I thought might be my birthday present from Mel, seems I was wrong 🙂

2017 – The big 60, spent in Gabiano; we were joined by family and friends and had had a party the day before. My birthday was spent out sightseeing and shopping before a lovely dinner – Italian of course, what else?

Gorgeous Gabiano

Since turning 60 though, birthdays have been fairly quiet affairs, with both last year and this year spent in Kuwait, ‘enjoying’ normal working days. However, my colleagues have ensured that the days do not go unrecognised; with delicious birthday cakes being the order of the day(s). Maybe birthdays aren’t so bad after all!

Birthday Celebrations – Kuwait 2019!

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