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In the 2 months since our well documented events of the Summer, we have focused on getting back to some sense of normality after returning to Dubai. For me that meant returning to work in Kuwait, combined with the regular weekend commute between Kuwait and Dubai. For Mel, physio has been the top priority, and I have to say, the progress in her arm and hand mobility and strength have been nothing short of amazing, such that some times I even forget that she suffered such a traumatic injury only 4 months ago.

Alongside all of this, one thing that we have had to look forward to was a holiday that we booked earlier this year, to the Indian Ocean paradise island of Mauritius – there were times in the past few weeks that we were unsure whether we should take the trip, but am I glad we did, it was just the most wonderful experience!

For our stay, we followed the recommendation of a good friend of ours, Romain, who just happens to be Mauritian; it’s great to have local knowledge! Romain suggested that we stay at The Beachcomber Resort at Trou Aux Biches. located in the North West of the island, and we weren’t disappointed.

With just 6 days to enjoy this white sand paradise, we felt it was important to combine some true rest and relaxation in and around the resort, with a little sightseeing. For this post, I want to share some of the beauty of the resort, for which I believe pictures truly are worth a thousand words.

We booked an ocean view suite, with it’s own pool, and we were both really impressed as we were shown around our very spacious and opulent accommodation. A large lounge area, bedroom, and bathroom (complete with outdoor shower!) ensured that we enjoyed a truly comfortable stay.

Showering outdoors, very refreshing!

Our suite was just a stones throw from the beach, and most mornings, I enjoyed an early walk along the sands armed with my camera, slightly in awe of the tanned runners, walkers and swimmers, who were making the most of this idyllic setting.

The resort features a number of swimming pools spread across it’s extensive grounds, and these next shots showcase the main pool, from which guests enjoy incredible views across to the Indian ocean.

With an open plan reception area, even as you check in, you experience an amazing scene!

But of course, the beach is the main draw, white sands with the ocean gently lapping – it’s so good that the World Travel Group awarded the area of Trou Aux Biches ‘The World’s Leading Beach Destination’ at the World Travel Awards for 2011.

Take a seat!

A coral reef surrounds Trou Aux Biches, meaning that the waters close to shoreline are very calm, as the waves break at the reef, some distance out. The presence of Coral is visible at the shoreline, which makes a very pleasant change from the seaweed that is typically found on beaches in my home country!

Waves breaking at the reef, in the distance

The Magic of Sundown

As the resort is west facing, sunsets were just wonderful; most evenings we saw golden skies, enhanced by fluffy or wispy clouds; true golden hours. I even learned to appreciate the afterglow that appears some minutes after the sun sets, just amazing.

So, from amazing sunsets to a final selfie, taken just as we were ready to leave; the smiles disguised the disappointment at having to say farewell to this special place. I hope we return one day.


Beachcomber Resort, at Trou Aux Biches

World Travel Awards, 2011

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  1. The afterglow pictures of the Sunset are really mesmerizing and it makes me want to experience them myself. Thank You Mr. Steve for capturing them.

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