Lockdown Ramblings 2.0

Well here we are again, our second national lockdown (or as Government Ministers seem to prefer, an intervention), and for day 1, the sun shone brightly so that by early afternoon there was even some warmth in the November air.

As with my original Lockdown Ramblings post back in April, these shots were taken on a walk around my local village of Staplefield in West Sussex, although it is now Autumn, so the impact of the blossom and the promise of impending warmer seasons in my original post have been replaced by an apprehension of what Winter and Covid may have in store. I’d also hoped to capture some of the magical colours of Autumn but as the many bare trees will testify, I was perhaps a little late.

Whilst it’s very disappointing to find ourselves back in lockdown, I continue to feel lucky that I get to spend the time in this tranquil, friendly village; I am very aware that there are far more challenging environments in which to have to spend these weeks. Stay safe and well.

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