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There is no real ending, its just the place where you stop the story – Frank Herbert

We’ve already entered the fourth quarter of this year, and the output on my blog has been zero; my last post being my review of 2020. It’s not hard for me to understand why; the initial desire to create this blog was driven by the constant travelling that my life entailed, underpinned by my new found love of photography. The photo above features the High Street of Cuckfield, a small village close to where we live – such an idyllic view, and about as far as I get these days!

The Facebook memory page that greets me most mornings is full of reminders of trips both near and far that filled up my passports, and in the past 5 years, inspired my blog posts. Today’s memories alone feature Sri Lanka, Antigua and the ever present Dubai, stretching back over 13 years.

Even the title of the blog – ExpatSteveBlog, is no longer relevant. For reasons of which we are all too aware, my travelling days have ceased, I haven’t flown since February 2020, and now living full time in our cosy Sussex cottage I can hardly claim to be an Expat – from one extreme where I was on an aircraft on average twice a week, to the other where I barely leave home.

Thats not to say I haven’t been busy; from a work perspective I have helped launch a new airline this year, something that I’m very proud of, but its been a totally different experience doing it from the comfort of my lounge room, rather than being ‘on-site’, which is what I would normally do. I’ve also had the joy of seeing my granddaughter on a regular basis, and as she progresses towards her first birthday, these are memories that I will treasure forever.

In my spare time, as we now have a more permanent home base, I have rekindled my love for music, especially vinyl, and having acquired some new hifi equipment I’m really enjoying listening to old favourites and visiting the occasional record fair, plus with the benefit of streaming services, experiencing some newer artists and albums. On a side note, I have also bought a manual record cleaner, spending an evening ‘washing’ my records is very therapeutic!

But if I’m honest, although I regularly think about the blog, and planning some new content, I’ve lost the desire and inspiration to continue; even when we’ve been out for trips to nearby places such as Brighton or London, where in the past I would be snapping away and drafting blogs in my head, I’ve struggled to feel inspired, so at this stage I’ve decided to step back and close the blog, at least for the time-being. I do have a paid subscription for my blogging services which expires later this month, hence the timing.

I really want to thank everyone who has read, followed and commented on the blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the posts, and all the feedback I received was great to experience – thank you.

I thought I would close with one of my favourite photos from our expat days, taken on a magical trip that Mel and I had in February 2018 to a desert resort near Dubai. Of all the places we have visited, all the hotels and resorts – this villa, with this private pool, was just the best – cheers!

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  1. Sad to see, always enjoyed your snaps. Hope to see you guys sometime soon, we still need to plan something…

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